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As the longest established supplier of homebirth equipment in the UK you can trust that we have all the bases covered to create a tranquil, peaceful and comforting environment for both mother, baby, and of course your families too.

Homebirth mothers, midwives and doulas all make up the special group of people who help us to ensure we have the best products available for this momentous occasion, to ensure that your journey is as smooth and easy as possible.

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Around 100 homebirth mamas were asked- If money and space were no object and you could put together a 'wish list' of items for your homebirth, what would be on it?

  • “I would create a dark, cool, quiet room to retreat into, away from people, noise and lights, where I could be in different positions and completely focus”
  • “A small warm comfortable space!!”
  • “My homebirth wish list would have on it a Birth stool, birth pool, hot compresses, massage therapist, multiple music selections, light food, fresh coconut water, candles, flowers, essential oils. A doula is not an "item", but I believe a doula is essential, even with a midwife present.”
  • “Birth pool, candles, food, drink, warm towels, a real spa birth pool, massage therapist on stand-by, chef to make the victory dinner afterwards”
  • “More towels. I moved around a lot. Everything ended up covered. Also more candles. I'm a cheap client! A nice big bath tub instead of the inflatable pool might have been nice.”